Summer 2015 Reading List for Front-end Developers

Summer 2015 Reading List for Front-end Developers

I’m super excited to read these books this summer.

Kyle Simpson – You Don’t Know JS (5 volumes)

If you are like me, you tell people you know JavaScript. But, after reading the 1st volume of YDKJS I am realizing how little I’ve truly understood. And that is okay… I will always fall short of mastery because the specs will change. But that is exciting to me, forevolution!

Up and Going
Scope & Closures
this & Object Prototypes
Types & Grammar
Async & Performance
Lea Verou – CSS Secrets

If you want to practice good practices, keep up with Lea Verou. I haven’t cracked this one open yet. But I’m excited about it, I’ve enjoyed Lea’s talks and actively follow her on twitter.

CSS Secrets

What do you recommend to read?

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